sept 1961

Group of Citizens started Drive for $300,000 Hospital

Albert (Staff Special) —The Albert County Hospital is completed.  After two years of devoted hard work on the part of the citizens and after constant snags in carrying out plans for the very much needed hospital. The $300,000 construction is ready for it’s opening on Labor Day.  It was two years ago that a group of citizens of Albert County decided that a hospital was an immediate necessity in the area.  These citizens grouped together and held meetings in the various parishes, accumulating support for the idea. Committees were formed to proceed with the many steps required. Land was acquired, financial support was solicited from all three levels of government, the group was incorporated, tenders were called, contracts were awarded and the necessary equipment ordered. Not only was the active corporation of the provincial department of health and the Hospital Services Commission needed, but the time and attention of the citizens was very important. After many trips Frederiction, the idea had finally borne fruit and the problems gradually cleared away.

Moved Slowly

Things seemed to move slowly for a time with difficulties arising, Wayne Taylor, retiring member of the Hospital Board, said that “although things seemed to move slowly as far as the government was concerned, we must recognize the fact that while we were dealing with one hospital, they were dealing with several”.  Mr. Taylor said that the main difficulty that cropped up was that in order to get the guarantee of any funds for the hospital; the committee had first to get incorporated.  But it was difficult to get incorporated without first having the guarantee of funds.  “We finally did get both at the same time”, he said

   Praises Citizens

“Without the support of the citizens of Albert County, along with the municipal council and the provincial and federal governments, this venture would not have been possible”, Mr. Taylor said.  He said that land had been donated and the hospital fund received donations from business firms as well as private citizens.  “A hospital auxiliary has been formed and is doing a good job”, he said. “The auxiliary is supporting the hospital financially as well as doing practical work”.  Mr. Taylor also stated that “if the citizens of Albert support the citizens committee in the future as well as they have done in the past, the hospital may be the cornerstone to future progress in the county”.  The original members of the Albert County Hospital board were: Dr. J. Steeves, Rev. K. Bagnell, Rev. R. Crawford, Rev. Leo Hynes, Wesley Kierstead, Howard Stuart, Warden Donald Bishop Councilors Harold Brewster, Floyd Elliott, Mrs. J. Hanion, Mrs. A. Bennett, Angus Jones and W. MacFarlane. Before the hospital was built there was only a nursing home for the aged in this area.



ALBERT: (Staff Special) —- Labour Day. September 4 at 2 p.m. has been set as the time for the official opening of the Albert County Hospital.

Taking part in the ceremonies will be; Dr. George Dumont, minister of health for New Brunswick; Dr. J. R. Melanson, deputy minister of health; Hon. L. G. DesBrisay, provincial secretary-treasurer; Rev. Lawrence Bone, assistant minister at St. John’s United Church, Moncton; Rev. William Draper, pastor of the Riverside Anglican Church; Rev. L. J. Hynes, pastor of Riverside Roman Catholic Church; and Dr. Crabbe, representing the federal minister of health.

ALBERT (Staff Special) — The most modern although not the largest hospital in the Maritimes has been completed in this quiet but determined Albert County village. After two years this two-storey white building stands finished a symbol of the dedicated labour and unceasing hope of its founders. The 15-bed Albert County Hospital will serve a district containing from 12,000 to 15,000 persons. Before its construction, residents of the area had to travel to Moncton or to Sussex for hospital care. Made of cement, structural steel and with an outside of asbestos, the building houses equipment of the finest design for the care and comfort of the patients it will have under its roof after September 4, the day set for its official opening.

Modern System

The modernity of the hospital is evident in various types of its furnishings. “One example is the nurses’ call system”. H. D. Adamson, administrator, said. He explained that this system enables patient and nurse to converse, thus saving the staff many unnecessary steps. Mr. Adamson pointed out that all the kitchen utilities are stainless steel and entirely up-to-date. There is a cafeteria set up for the staff. Such conveniences as dishwashing equipment, equipment for keeping food hot, deep freeze as well as refrigerators and well planned lay-out will add to the efficiency of meal times. The completely air-conditioned Albert County Hospital, which with its equipment will run to over $300,000, has a heating system which is thermostatically controlled. “The boilers are oil-fired and automatically regulated to produced the required heat where needed”, Mr. Adamson said.

Power Stand–By

One piece of equipment which is very important in a hospital is a stand-by generator. This is used in case of a hydro failure. Mr. Adamson stated that when power fails this huge piece of machinery will come into operation in a matter of a few seconds. A modern laundry completes the ground floor equipment of the building. A huge washing machine is fully automatic to the point of even putting in the soap. The room also contains a dryer, an automatic ironer and a hand ironing board. The main floor contains the lobby, administrative offices, operating room, scrub room, obstetrics room, dark room, medical station, nursery and formula room as well as the patient’s rooms. The rooms are of the new style which allows only two beds per room. Styled with exceeding attractiveness the rooms are of different pastel shades with matching tiles, bedspreads and drapes

Fire Protection

The patients’ floor has adequate fire protection. The hospital was designed so that this floor opens at ground level for the easy evacuation of patients in case of fire. It is also convenient for admitting patients as the ambulance can back to the cement walk.

Other fire protection measures are that the fluorescent lights, found throughout the hospital, are explosive – proof. The hospital is also equipped with conductive tiles.

From the time of the official opening the new and badly-needed hospital will be fully staffed with registered nurses.