“Station Rats”

Won Exciting Game at Albert

Albert, N. B., Feb. 7, 1934

Great rats, small rats, brawny rats and all. Scurried forth at the clarion call. From deal piles, box cars and station they came. And gathering war clubs set out for the game. The Albert boys, garnished in purple and gold. Stood shivering round in the wintry cold. They too, were excited, but little they knew. The true skill and speed they true skill and speed of the station rat crew. With Hughie in goal the boys felt secure, for the gloves that he wore were not of the poor. But the Rats goal arrived, creepers and all–Poor Hughie then began to feel small and smaller he got as the game went along and pucks past his ear sang a sad song, But Hughie was good, support he had none– The mystery is how they scored even one. The whole game was played right by his side for the boys couldn’t stop that Station Rat tide.


A very exciting game of hockey was played in the Albert Arena Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 6th, between the local team and the newly organized “Station Rats.” The local boys probably outskated the Rats, but could not penetrate the stonewall defence put up by the older and heavier squad. Where the Rats secured some of their equipment would be of interest to an antique dealer, yet they are to be congratulated on the good sportsmanship they displayed. We hope to see those teams meet again and expect the local boys, after some further practice, to turn the tables on Captain Buck Jones and his cohorts’.